Monday, 15 November 2010

Dear Jamie

Dear Jamie,
Let me start by saying that I am predisposed in your favour.  I adore what you tried to for school meals, the Turkey Twizzler episode had me writhing with horror, and I appreciate that you really don't have to waste your time with causes that you don't believe in and that get you a lot of stick.  I love that you inspire so many people to cook in an adventurous manner and that you appeal to a massive cross section of the Great British Public.  I.m not going to mock your accent, lifestyle or that fact that you are a permanent fixture on TV.  Oh no, not me guv.  But......I bought Jamie's 30 Minute Meals for my flatmate (yes, of COURSE I have a hidden agenda - I would like a decent meal cooked for me) and, well, oh dear.... first the good points, great layout, easy to follow, clear instructions all on one page so that one isn't turning pages with olive oil coated fingers, and I admire the handsome foil blocking on the cover (working as I do in a publishers I know how expensive that is) but then again you are published by Penguin and gawd knows they can afford it.... may pictures does a cookery book need?  Yep, OK, pictures of a tricky pastry process is always good, and a picture of some raw ingredients give a certain pleasure and a finished pie whipped out of the oven is OK, but double page spreads of you squeezing a lemon (or do you have a hand double?) or you being you just being you?  Really?
Hmmm, Jamie, have you ever thought - 'do you know, I think there's just too many damn photo's of ME - let's lose a few, shall we?' 
Or would that make the book a trifle (food analogy must be forgiven) too slim?
So, said with affection - knock it off.  Please.
Many thanks
An admirer xx

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